Wedding Reception Invitations & Reception Cards

Let’s eat and drink because we just got married!

What Is A Reception Card?

For very formal weddings it is common to send both the wedding invitation and a reception card. That of course covers the true purpose of the card, but there are other ways to use the card, which is likely the reason you have found the site.

When you host a wedding there are two aspects that come together to fill the day with joy and harmony. One of those pieces is the wedding ceremony. This is the biggest aspect of the whole day and it is definitely the one that will leave the longest impression. But there is another part that joins it, the wedding reception.

A wedding is often referred to as a single event, which for most of us includes the wedding ceremony and the reception. But what about guests that might be out of place at the wedding ceremony (possibly for religious reasons) but would make a nice addition to the company your celebrate your wedding reception with?

A reception card fulfills much of the same purpose as the wedding invitation, it invites a guest to your reception. When you host a wedding there are going to be a number of guests who might not be able to make it, or they may wish to skip the ceremony entirely. There are plenty of reasons why this might be and as a thoughtful planner it is a nice gesture to include them in the reception.

In the past this let some out in the cold, but not anymore, now you have a lot of different ways to say… “You’re invited.”

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As we set out to plan our weddings a lot of work and preparation goes into finding the perfect options for all of the little aspects that we need to make it a success (at least for ourselves). That means that a lot of thought and effort gets invested into the things that we feel are important. Wedding invitations are one of those aspects that make for a lot of work. The reason is obvious. This is our first direct contact with our guests. Some of them might not even be aware that we were planning on tying the knot. Others might know but are uncertain when it would happen. A wedding invitation is the moment that it all becomes clear and the style that we choose should represent who we are.

But what about wedding reception cards?

There are so many beautiful designs to choose from when it comes to wedding invitation themes. And it can be a real joy shopping for a style that suites our tastes but what about the cards for the reception? What do we send to those guests that will only be invited to the celebration and not the ceremony?

This can feel like a tricky balancing act, but the truth is that they really don’t need to match. Or at least they don’t need to be identical. A matching set is almost always impossible to find anyway.

So how do you choose a reception card for your wedding?

There are a number of ways to make the card match with the overall look of your wedding. It doesn’t matter if you choose a nautical theme, rustic or country, a vintage reception, or even a warm and inviting spring affair. I will cover some ways so that you can see how easy it is to get the right look.

  1. Print them yourself
    • If you aren’t finding the right reception card consider having them designed by a professional and print them yourself.
    • This is also a neat option for the invitations for your wedding as well.
  2. Don’t make it complicated
    • Don’t spend as much time searching for your reception cards as you do on your wedding invitations.
    • Pick a card design that fits with the overall theme of your wedding.
    • Avoid trying to match the wedding invitation. The reception card should be its own element and does not need to match.
    • Choose a simple design that can easily “fit” with a single design element. One example would be to choose a common element as in something like these rustic monogram wedding invitations. As you can see a simple monogram could be used to tie the two together.
  3. Don’t hurry
    • Just because you have your invitation ready to send that doesn’t mean that your reception cards should also be ready.
    • A reception card is sent out three to for months before the wedding. Most of us obtain the wedding invitations as much as a month in advance. That is a two to three month window that you can use for other preparations.
    • Choose a cozy weekend and shop around until you have found something that you like.

One method of making the most out of your wedding reception cards is to find something that you enjoy. Something that gives you the same appeal as your wedding invitations. This does not have to match. But when you have something that looks good to you the chance is in your favor that you will be truly happy with them.

If you are talented with your word processor, printer, a pair of scissors, and you have a little time on your hands there are plenty of ways for you to do it yourself. Doing it at least in part by yourself is a rewarding way to really feel like you have achieved a look that you can be happy with. And there are a lot of ways to do this. If you want a simple card then you only need to buy some elegant card stock that will give you the results that you are looking for.

On the other hand if you are interested in something that gives you a little more pop, this might be easier to achieved by working with a full time designer there are plenty of places for you to connect with them.

You can search for one online our you can browse their offerings on sites like etsy and you might even have luck finding some of ebay.

Another option is to find a site that will show you how to make them.

This amazing pocket fold tutorial gives you everything you need to learn how to make a simple yet elegant invitation.

Even if you don’t want to try your hand at printing them yourself you can still design your own cards and invitations. A standard size is five inches wide by seven inches tall. You can then give the file to a printer and have them printed either locally or through an online printer. Many of the big online printers give you tools to design your own.

A Couple Cards To Get Inspired


This post reception invitation features a beautiful beach scene. It is the perfect post reception invitation after a small beach or anytime you want a great beach theme on your post reception invitations. This post design allows you to place the name of the bride and groom at the top, along with the date and place of marriage; and then allows a place for your post reception invitation details. Copyright henishouseofpaper

Black Script

Casual chic reception card design features bold black script writing, custom text that you can personalize, and a classic black and white color scheme.

Faux Gold Foil Confetti

Customizable enclosure card. This is faux gold foil – there will be NO actual gold is a part of a suite. Matching items are available.

Post    -- Burlap

Looking for a post reception in burlap? Here is the post reception invitation template you have been looking for. Featuring a darker tan burlap on the border and a lighter tan burlap in the center which contains a heart with your monogram. You are able to customize this design with when and where you were married along with all the post reception celebration details. A great monogrammed post reception invitation. Copyright henishouseofpaper

Rose Garden Floral

Select a die-cut shape, textured paper, or an ultra-thick paper for an extra special feel and touch.